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“Reliable, reasonably priced, nice to deal with and did a great job. Would definitely recommend them." 
Richard Senior - Elloughton 
“We recently had our roof and gutters cleaned by Mike and his team, and were thrilled to see the end result. Our house now looks like the new build property we purchased 20 years ago - thanks to Mike and Joe who were a real pleasure." 
Charles Summerfield - Swanland 
“Top notch work at a good price considering the amount of care and attention to detail taken. These guys clean and maintain my windows, soffits a fascia to a very high standard - ultra-reliable, friendly and above all, trustworthy. Highly recommend" 
Steve Savage - Brough 
“Top job - great attention to detail, with all the door frames and window sills done included. Came well recommended, nice fella too." 
Courtney Tarbotton - Welton  
"Humber Clean have completed a variety of external cleaning works to gutters, windows, cladding and paving on our Commercial and Residential Properties. They are very professional in their approach and we are delighted with the quality of their service." 
Ian Hodges - Managing Director at Horncastle Group Plc - Newport 
"Top service, always on time and meets the high standards required to keep my business looking clean. Communicates throughout and provides an honest evaluation of my specific needs. Would personally recommend to anyone." 
Alex Chester - Managing Director at Flex Health - Hull  
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